Back in the world

Hello Bread-based-meal Community,

It’s been a while. I feel the world needs my sandwich wisdom.

Today I had a homemade Caramelised Onion Houmous sandwich with Lettuce. I ate it in a chain coffee establishment, and got away with it. That’s the kind of sway Sandwich Girl holds in society these days.

In other news, Sandwich Girl is now a Pescatarian.

(Sandwich) Spread the word.



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The store Cupboard is the Sandwich Maker’s friend

One of the greatest pleasures of sandwich making is jazzing them up (other than actually eating them of course). And having your very own (or someone else’s) well stocked store cupboard is essential if we are to transcend to the aforementioned planes of sandwichly ecstasy. However unlike Delia (that store cupboard dictator!) I’m not going to create a list of “essentials” – the sandwich store cupboard is all about buying those little things you like that may seem extravagant but that in small quantities can bring a sandwich to life.

OK so i can give you some example:

  • Sun-kissed tomatoes: a great alternative to the fresh version – lasts longer, is much much more tasty, and has less propensity to shoot out of the sandwich at irregular angles as you lift it to your lips in a crowded place. (NB. I cannot recommend enough sun-kissed tomatoes over sun dried – much more succulent and much less like eating some strange form of dried insect or other creepy crawly)
  • Green Olives – now this may be a controversial one, but, as I said, this is all about a little bit of what you fancy. I firmly fall down on the olive lover side of the spectrum – and green olives I feel can be looked upon as the upmarket and infinitely more refined gherkin of the sandwich (or McSandwich) world
  • Gherkins – I know, I know I just said gherkins were unrefined. Well, what’s wrong with that! Perfect to go with a simple turkey/cheese sandwich and add crunch and flavour in one fell swoop!
  • Redcurrant Jelly/Cranberry Sauce – this really applies to any condiment usually only associated with  hot meal – mint sauce, horseradish, ketchup! Can work as a gelling agent, a moistener, and a flavouring – my personal favourite is the redcurrant jelly option – perfect for someone with a sweet tooth but probably not much room for pudding once the sandwich has been eaten
  • Brinjal Pickle – not as ferociously hot as it’s cousin, Lime Pickle, and sweet but still packing a punch. Goes excellently with cheese and tomato, for something very different, and yet totally the same
  • Some form of butter or spread – Obvious right? Trying to make a sandwich without it is like walking out of the house without your nether regions covered. A big no-no
  • Mayo. Mayo. Mayo. Mayo. Can also be used if you have found yourself metaphorically walking the streets on display to the world.
  • Coriander. Now this is a suggestion I shall not be acting upon myself, however it is this kind of thinking out side the box which I applaud – try basil, parsley, coriander – don’t limit the leaves you will place between slices of bread! The double advantage of adding flavour and making you feel the sandwich is somewhat healthy.

So, I think you get the idea. Pretty much anything you have a strange hankering for can be put into a sandwich – capers, pine nuts, croutons! All can add their own special flavour and dimension to a well thought out sandwich. The trick, is of course knowing that a mayonnaise coriander and redcurrant jelly sandwich will most certainly not be tasty.

Chow for now 😉

K. Erring

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Hello world!

Today, I had the greatest of all sandwiches – a leftovers sandwich. White bread, with a thin smear of spread, cold roast chicken, bread sauce (made by my own fair hand!), cucumber, tomato, mayo and redcurrant jelly. I went to a special place when I ate it.

I love sandwiches, and I love how by adding a couple of extra things you can raise a simple cheese, chicken, tuna sandwich above the realms of normality and onto a special plane of being! I think I would like to run a sandwich shop.. I think I could marry a talented sandwich man..

I am also a sucker for a simple sandwich though, I’ll eat almost anything if you put it between two slices of bread!

And thus begins my sandwich blog…

K. Erring

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